cardio novum

Novel quantum leap
DES/DEB technologies
to treat coronary and
vascular artery disease.

Message from the CEO
Welcome to Cardionovum. Thank you for your interest in our company.

We invite you to learn more about us, our expertise, and our technologies by viewing the cardiovascular needs which are successfully treated by our innovative medical devices. Cardionovum has achieved a reputation as a specialist due to its technological leadership and inventive concepts in new patient treatment. Not only the size of a corporation guarantees cutting-edge technologies: very often specialized and focused R&D companies provide invention for the next step in future medicine.

We at Cardionovum are pioneers in medical solutions which help to establish new clinical therapies. Each new medical device which we develop is based on the in-depth analysis of existing state of the art technologies.

The medical well-being of patients is our main concern. The exceptional clinical performance of our next generation of coronary stent systems provides finely-tuned “added-plus” technological features which significantly improve the health of patients by following the physiology of nature in ensuring long-term, optimized results.

Cardionovum is an exceptional innovator in “drug-eluting balloon dilatation catheters.” We have opened up a new dimension in the clinically-advanced treatment of coronary and endovascular artery disease.

We are proud of our achievements. We are moving forward with further medical innovations and following our passion in providing the best possible products to minimize complication rates and to offer medical devices which ensure rapid healing for the benefit of patients.

Thank you and best regards,

Dr. Michael Orlowski
Chief Executive Officer