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Corporate news update

Oct 07, 2013
Cardionovum initiates launch of
Xlimus drug-eluting stent.

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Revolutionary products for the successful treatment
of coronary and endovascular artery diseases.

Cardionovum - APERTO OTW
APERTO OTW promises a prolonged Dialysis access survival with less shunt re-interventions.

The new APERTO OTW Paclitaxel releasing, high pressure balloon dilatation catheter provides
a dual shunt treatment quality for the prevention and dilatation of intimal hyperplasia.
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Cardionovum - OPUS DEB
The novel Sirolimus-releasing coronary balloon dilatation catheter. Coming soon!

OPUS is a novel drug-eluting PTCA balloon dilatation catheter for the successful dilatation of coronary artery lesions. The balloon surface is coated with the clinically well proven anti-proliferative drug Sirolimus, which is known for the prevention or treatment of coronary restenosis.
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Cardionovum - XLIMUS
XLIMUS is the ultimate coronary DES stent system to treat complex coronary artery disease.

XLIMUS is a next generation thin stent strut Sirolimus DES, using the No. 1 drug which demonstrated long-term patient safety and optimal clinical efficacy, in more than 10.0 Million patients.
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Cardionovum - RESTORE DEB
Delivering the New Clinical Gold Standard for the successful treatment of coronary In-stent restenosis.

RESTORE DEB is a unique Paclitaxel-eluting coronary balloon dilatation catheter. RESTORE DEB provides a superb DEB catheter performance and reduces the rate of TLR significantly, at greatest patient safety profile.
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Introducing the Revolutionary Evolution in SFA and BTK Revascularization.

The LEGFLOW RX/OTW Paclitaxel-eluting PTA catheter offers a new treatment strategy, the endovascular physician has been waiting for. LEGFLOW RX/OTW protects 100% of the diseased lesion segment with a anti-proliferative drug delivery, which is associated with a significant reduction in late lumen loss and target lesion revascularization.
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Cardionovum - PRECISION
The next coronary stent generation. Precision Delivers optimal patient results.

The new PRECISION coronary stent system is significantly different compared to many other BMS used in catheterization laboratories and delivers optimal patient results through extraordinary homogeneous vessel wall scaffolding.
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New R & D activities for future oriented medical devices.

Beside of the ongoing development of the bio-absorbable scaffold “ReNATURAL (M)”, Cardionovum initiates a second bio-absorbable scaffold research program, developing “ReNATURAL (P)”.
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Our passion: A better treatment
quality of cardiovascular
and endovascular diseases.

We are a specialized and scientifically progressing company, devoted to develop innovative medical technologies, which take off from the current patient treatment standard, and provide new clinical therapies, for the successful treatment of coronary and endovascular artery diseases. About us >>

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